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PCH2cure is a patient-driven research project supported by the parents’ association PCH-Familie e.V. as a non-profit patient organization and run in partnership with clinics and research institutions.

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We will automatically issue donation receipts for donations of €300 or more. Please make sure to include your address in the reference field.

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The Impact of Your Donation:

Your donation will fund events and networking opportunities for families and anyone affected by the disease – so that no one is left alone with PCH2.

Every donation brings us closer to finding a therapy.

Our research is funded by donations. We promote research to better understand and treat the disease. The findings from PCH2 research will also allow progress to be made in other rare diseases.

The association PCH-Familie e.V. pursues exclusively and directly charitable and non-profit purposes within the scope of Section 53 No. 1 of the German Fiscal Code. We issue donation receipts. Whether these are tax-deductible depends on the legislation in the donor’s country. For example, all donations from Germany are tax-deductible.

The more donations we collect, the faster a treatment will be available.

Where We Stand on the Path to a Medication

Basic Understanding of the Disease

genetic defect

molecular and cellular mechanisms



(Animal) Model

cerebellar organoids

animal model(s) 

target identification


Description of the Natural History of the Disease 

natural history study

identification of possible endpoints for clinical studies

therapeutic window for possible treatment options


Active Substance Identification

gene therapy

gene editing


drug repurposing


(Pre-)Clinical Testing of the Active Substance

testing of potential active substances on models to verify safety and efficacy

Clinical Study With PCH2 Children


Market Authorization of a Therapy After Successful Clinical Trials


Your Contact for Donations & Funding

Axel Lankenau

Axel Lankenau

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You have a child with PCH and would like to become a member of our association?

Apply for membership in our association PCH-Familie e.V. here. Once your application has been approved, you can take part in the association’s events, such as our regular family meetings.

If you would like to regularly support the work of the association but are not a parent of a child with PCH, we recommend taking out a donation subscription and also subscribing to our newsletter. This way you will always be up to date and continuously support our work.

If you would like to know more about the various options or have any questions, please get in touch.