Researching PCH2

PCH2cure’s vision is to find a therapy for PCH2 by 2030. You can find out more about why and how we are tackling this challenge here.

Info & FAQ

Why does a single amino acid exchange in the TSEN54 gene trigger PCH2? Here you can find out more about the biological mechanisms of the disease and open questions in research.

Information & FAQ

Path to a Cure

What does it take to find a therapy for PCH2 and develop an approved drug? Details on therapy development and our roadmap.

Our Roadmap

Collaborations & Grants

The PCH2cure consortium is open to interdisciplinary collaborations and awards research grants on selected subjects via the PCH-Familie e.V. association. For available grants and project ideas for which collaboration partners are sought, click here.

Collaborations & Grants

Share Your Knowledge

Are you already working on topics such as tRNA splicing, PCH2, neurodegenerative diseases, or are you interested in these areas and see a connection to your field of research? Are you interested in sharing knowledge in these areas with other scientists?

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