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Collaborations and Grants

The PCH2cure consortium is open to interdisciplinary collaborations and awards research grants on selected subjects via the PCH-Familie e.V. association. Our association PCH-Familie e.V. tirelessly raises funds for PCH2cure to support further research projects, studies and experiments that promise a better quality of life for PCH2 children.

“Connecting the Dots”: the PCH Research Network

In order to overcome a disease as rare as PCH2, we must join forces to fight for a better quality of life and to find a therapy. Steve Jobs spoke of “connecting the dots” – and this is precisely the aim of the PCH Research Network that we are establishing as part of the PCH2cure project.You can find an overview of all the institutions we know of that are already involved in PCH2 research on our world map.

Open Research Projects and Collaboration Opportunities

This is where we will present future research and collaboration projects related to PCH2. These may be opportunities for doctoral theses or requests from universities to collaborate on specific research topics.

Grant Applications

We are also interested in receiving requests and applications for funding from scientific institutions that are seeking financial or personnel support for their work on PCH2. We review funding requests together with our experts and are happy to support projects, within the limits of our financial resources, that will help us make progress on the path to a cure. To enable us to make progress as quickly as possible, we are asking for donations.

Basic Understanding of the Disease

genetic defect

molecular and cellular mechanisms



(Animal) Model

cerebellar organoids

animal model(s) 

target identification


Description of the Natural History of the Disease 

natural history study

identification of possible endpoints for clinical studies

therapeutic window for possible treatment options


Active Substance Identification

gene therapy

gene editing


drug repurposing


(Pre-)Clinical Testing of the Active Substance

testing of potential active substances on models to verify safety and efficacy

Clinical Study With PCH2 Children


Market Authorization of a Therapy After Successful Clinical Trials


Contact Us to Collaborate

If you would like to actively participate in PCH2cure research efforts, please contact our Coordinating Scientist Prof. Dr. Simone Mayer.